Some of the industry's most prominent disrupters are embarking on a new venture that will revolutionize the LMS buying decision process.

As you may know, has been one of the most transformational developments in the association software market, giving AMS users a collective voice and providing buyers with valuable data about user reviews to inform their purchasing decisions. With nearly 800 reviews, 1500 users, and more than 30 annual sponsors, has become a valued asset and a household name across the association technology market. 

Because of the warm reception has received, we've decided to begin setting up more review sites, including the recently-launched and now,

We're inviting LMS vendors who value the ideal of honest, verified user reviews in the LMS market the opportunity to become sponsors of Contact us if you're interested in learning more.

Our Exclusive Founding Partner

100Reviews is partnering with Tagoras to create, thereby giving LMS users in market-facing learning businesses a valuable tool to help them to make better informed decisions about their LMS purchases. Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele are widely acknowledged as two of the most prominent authorities on LMS platforms for learning businesses.

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