We won't eat at a new restaurant without first reading reviews on Yelp, yet we can't easily access honest, verified reviews on LMS software.

Sure, talking with a vendor's reference clients is one thing, but you know that you're not necessarily getting a balanced perspective from them. ReviewMyLMS.com gives software buyers like you honest, verified reviews you can trust.

In what Forrester Research has dubbed The Age of the Customer, customer reviews affect buying decisions more than virtually any other factor. 

  • 97% of IT buyers rely on recommendations and reviews when selecting business software
  • 92% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations, whether from strangers, friends or family, more than any form of advertising
  • 90% of happy customers will leave a review if asked
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends & family
  • 55% of consumers feel that “people like me” have the most impact on their buying decisions

Until now, the LMS market has lacked a dedicated review site where customers have a voice, and where vendors can demonstrate that they value customers’ views. In the consumer market, positive customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Amazon all but ensure a successful business. ReviewMyLMS.com brings greater transparency to what is sometimes a complicated and high-stakes purchasing decision.


ReviewMyLMS.com is a review site focused on marketing-facing learning businesses and the learning management systems that power them. These learning businesses include, but are not limited to, trade and professional associations, training firms, continuing education divisions at colleges and universities, and solo edupreneurs. This niche focus provides valuable information to prospective LMS customers about real users’ experience with various LMSes. The site works on a pay-it-forward basis; once you give a review on your LMS, you can then read the reviews of others. If you can’t (or don’t want to) give a review, you can purchase a subscription to read reviews without providing a review. 


We launched in December 2017 and expect to reach a critical mass of 100 reviews by July 2018. By early February, we had already attracted more than 50 reviews on more than 20 platforms. 


Over several years of experience running niche review sites, we’ve perfected a methodology for gathering reviews using automated drip campaigns, leveraging social networks, and deploying guerrilla marketing tactics. We’ve also developed a technology platform to automate the review publishing process. What that means for reviewers is that we are able to focus on attracting reviews for a wide range of systems and monitoring the reviews to ensure high quality. 

Are you an LMS vendor? For information on how you can gain more exposure for your platform and help underwrite the costs of running ReviewMyLMS.com, download the sustaining sponsor brief, or contact us.

Who's behind this?

Ben Martin and Teri Carden, founders of 100Reviews.com, in collaboration with Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, founders of Tagoras.

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