Learning Revolution

We believe the dramatic growth in demand for lifelong learning represents a unique opportunity for small expertise-based businesses – consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers – to elevate their role with learning businesses as well as to become edupreneurs in their own right. The mission of Learning Revolution is to help this group capitalize on this opportunity.

Through a range of resources, the site helps expertise-based businesses reach their audience; deliver compelling, effective learning experiences; and grow a thriving, impactful education business.

Learning Revolution helps expertise-based businesses answer key questions.

Learning Revolution
  • How do I find and connect with an audience that will value my expertise?
  • How do I decide on the right educational products and experiences to offer?
  • How do I deliver learning experiences that will have real impact?
  • How can I be strategic and ensure my learning business will grow over time?
  • How do collaborate effectively with other learning businesses as a channel for sharing my expertise?

Visit the Learning Revolution Web site to explore the available resources and learn more.

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