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Elevate supports curriculum development, certifications, informal sharing of knowledge, social learning and live events.

The synergy between these learning formats provides a foundation that stimulates a high level of interest and loyalty from your community. Elevate LMS enables, empowers and engages users with contextual learning opportunities that are enriched by peer collaboration to form dynamic experiences.

Custom Design

Elevate incorporates your unique styling and layout to provide a seamless user experience. Our learning management system’s easy-to-use site administration allows you to easily add or edit site pages, menus, webinars, courses, content, quizzes, surveys, polls, and more…at any time.

Community Platform

Each learning opportunity incorporates a discussion area, where networking and collaboration can occur. Learners have access to connect with peers or faculty which supports active participation and turns a moment in time such as a webinar into a more significant learning opportunity.

Integrated Webinars, Webcasts & Virtual Conferences

Elevate integrates seamlessly with Cadmium’s proprietary webinar, livestream and virtual conference platforms. Providing a holistic approach to event education provides an intuitive process for event setup for program hosts as well as simple access for attendees.

Registration & E-Commerce

Elevate provides many ways for you to categorize, segment, price, and discount your organization’s learning programs including subscription packages, pricing by member status, role or chapter, discounts, and product bundling.

Individualized Learning & Relevancy

Elevate delivers customized experiences based on learner preferences, member status, or role. This ensures content is meaningful and relevant for each learner.

Seamless Integrations

Elevates offers application program interfaces to help integrate with an organization’s existing ecosystem of applications. Single-sign-on, along with registration and data reporting with a third party software are configurable options.

Comprehensive Reporting

Elevate provides over thirty reports that present summary and detailed information about learner activities, progress, revenues, registrations, credits, group access, discount access and much more.

Flexible Configuration

Utilize widgets to position and format each content element on your pages. Include text, files, imagery, product components and much more. Use our product creation wizard to customize the look, feel and function.

Virtual Conference Platform & Services

Cadmium provides extensive support for virtual conferences, including the ability to create a virtual conference website supports registration and program authentication, presenter bios with pictures, session access, and attendee collaboration; program planning and production services; and, a dedicated support team for your event. Access additional information >>