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Oasis LMS




Quick and Simple

Oasis LMS allows its clients to quickly and easily launch their content online. Whether it is videos or PowerPoints or any one of supported formats, a simple wizard will guide you through the content creation/importing process. Complete with additional options such as post-activity exam, evaluation/survey, accreditation management, and customizable certificate generation, your learning content can be published online within 15 minutes.

Advanced and Robust

Oasis LMS can be configured to meet the most complicated online learning requirement. From predetermined learning path, optional prerequisites, to learning track configuration and user profile-based learning content availability management, to achievement gamification to cross-selling and score-based recommendation engine, Oasis LMS has answered the calls for hundreds of clients with myriad learning needs. Your requirements are probably just a few check-boxes on the module selection page.

Mobile Strategy

Tired of other LMS vendors claiming that you don’t need a native mobile app, and a responsive website is “good enough”, while hearing loud and clear that your customers wants an app that they can take learning on the go? Oasis Mobile is the native mobile app that fully integrates with Oasis LMS. Do you have a mobile strategy? With Oasis Mobile, that mobile strategy is a reality.

Free Proof of Concept

Ever get disappointed because vendor’s demo always seems better than what you end up getting?  For qualified clients, a sandbox Oasis LMS with desired configurations and feature options can be set up free of charge.  Give us a week, and you will have a fully functional Oasis LMS, with your content and feature requirement.  Remove guesswork from your LMS selection, and contact us today!