Looking for a convenient way to get demonstrations of a range of learning management systems that are af it for selling continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning? Find out about Live Review, our free annual LMS demo and education event.

Live Review is a three-day, entirely online event that will place on January 31-February 2, 2023. It features 45 minute demonstration and discussion sessions with top platform providers in the continuing education and professional development space. This year we will also be adding education sessions on topics like integration, course creation, and how to successful select, implement and get a strong return on investment.

We're still lining up the 2023 participants, but past participating platforms include:

  • Academy Of Mine
  • BenchPrep
  • CourseStage (Web Courseworks)
  • Elevate LMS (Cadmium)
  • EthosCE (Cadmium)
  • iPC Scholar 3.0 (Impelsys)
  • MapleLMS
  • Oasis LMS (360Factor Consulting)
  • Path LMS (Blue Sky eLearn)
  • Thought Industries
  • TopClass LMS (WBT Systems)

So, if you have plans for selecting a new LMS or just want to stay educated on the options, this is a great opportunity. To find out more and register, visit the Live Review site.

Why an LMS Free Demo Event?

Often one of the most challenging parts of choosing a learning management system is arranging to actually see the various systems that might work well for your learning business. By coordinating a free LMS demo day, Live Review eliminates this challenge and gives you a way to review a range of LMS quickly and conveniently. Best of all, this is a group of LMSes that we've already identified as capable of meeting the needs of most businesses that market and sell e-learning (as opposed to wanting an LMS for internal training purposes).

Who Should Participate?

Live Review is designed specifically for those who work in trade and professional associations, training firms, academic PCO units, and other organizations that serve the market for adult lifelong learning. It offers professionals from these organizations a way to accelerate their LMS selection process by easily reviewing a range of platforms from a range of vendors.