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  • Customization: To what extent can you customize the user interface and content? (Five star rating)
  • Customer Service: To what extent are your customer service experiences timely, helpful, and resolved to your satisfaction? To what extent do you consider your vendor to be a true partner in your organization’s success? (Five star rating)
  • Admin Experience: To what extent is your LMS easy to use for administrators? (Five star rating)
  • End User Experience: To what extent is your LMS easy to use for learners? (Five star rating)
  • Learning and Learner Management: To what extent does your LMS handle key processes such as making multiple types of learning available (e.g. SCORM files, videos, and discussions), registration, payment, progress tracking, quizzing, CEU processing, and more? (Five star rating)
  • Reporting and Analytics: To what extent can you access your LMS data in useful ways? This might be via dashboards, viewing existing or customized reports, or exporting data. (Five star rating)
  • Innovation: To what extent does your platform developer introduce completely new functionality as well as improve existing features? (Five star rating)
  • Integration: To what extent does your LMS integrate well with other technologies? (Five star rating)

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  • How long have you personally used this product? (Dropdown)
  • What is your organization type? (Dropdown)
  • Which of the following most closely aligns with your job role? (Dropdown)
  • Total active learners in your LMS (Dropdown)
  • Your organization's annual revenue in U.S. Dollars (Dropdown)
  • Are your education or certification programs third-party accredited? (Dropdown)
  • How important is revenue generation for your online learning initiative? (Dropdown)
  • What are the main ways in which your platform is used? Select all that apply. (Multiple-select)
  • Are you using your LMS to support any of the following learning approaches? Select all that apply. (Multiple-select)
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