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499 or fewer
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Single-person business
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Mobile learning
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I reviewed hundreds of course designware - okay, maybe not hundreds, but after about the fifth one I was getting a little desperate to find something that I, a somewhat techie but impatient trainer, could learn quickly and get out into the world. I wanted something I could use to provide asynchronous training solutions to my clients, and, to top it off, I had a client in the wings waiting for five, custom webinars. Learnworlds won me over for the following reasons:

1. I watched one or two of Learnworlds basic tutorial videos and tinkered around in the system on my own for about a day and then - poof - I was building courses! So the simplicity on the designer/admin side was number 1 for me.

2. And, right off the bat, I had questions. And problems. And more questions. And frustrations. And the Learnworlds staff are right there for you. Responsive and helpful. 

3. There are plenty of templates that allow me to create gorgeous training courses. And ease of cloning and copying work that I've already created. 

4. Ease for students. Not all of my students are technological whizzes. I would say out of 300 students, I've only had a handful of issues and they're usually browser-related that are easily solved.

5. Affordable.


A few downsides, all of which I think are related to the plan that I chose. I believe if I went with a more inclusive plan I would have these features. But I'll share those few downsides anyway:

1. As with most systems, the more expensive the plan, the more functions and features. The one downside to my current plan is I can't enroll groups of people to a course - I must hand-enroll each student when their employer wants them enrolled in one of my private courses. This is only associated with private courses that I'm developing for companies and groups of supervisors/employees. 

2, There are a modest number of features that are not customizable - but hey, the only person bothered by this is me. My students aren't affected because they don't know what they're missing! But for example, I'd love to be able to customize widgets for my groups instead of the standard widget awards Learnworlds has set in place. For example, "newbie" when newly enrolled, etc. 

Really? I'm loving this system and while I'm still designing my public courses, I can't wait for them to "go live" and see what sorts of interest they create. This system is everything I needed: easy for me to design courses that include graded quizzes, ability to track student progress and usage, ability to create reports on student usage for clients, and a simple user experience. Responsive and helpful staff at Learnworlds and they are continuously introducing new features to their system. I'm pretty happy with my choice!