Full Featured and Customizable

Customer Service
Admin Experience
Reporting and Analytics
End User Experience
Learner & Learning Mgmt
Job role: 
Total active learners in your LMS: 
500 to 2,499
Third party accreditations: 
Not accredited
Annual revenue in US Dollars: 
Less than $100,000
Importance of revenue generation: 
Years reviewer has used this LMS: 
1-2 years
Organization type: 
Small business (2 to 500 employees)
Primary use(s) of LMS: 
Continuing education or professional development
Learning approaches pursued: 
Mobile learning
Learning paths
Competency models
Live Online Events (Webinars or Hybrid Events)
Self-Paced Learning

Association Laboratory has been using CE21 as our content provision and marketing system since early 2020. In 2021 we provide approximatley 40 hours of content and had 1,000 individuals participate in our educational activities. We do not have a full time content or educational staff person.

We recommend it as a platform for the following.

First,  the very robust feature set of the platform in essence has already thought through all the things we need. We can customize it by program or content type, automate things like confirmation emails, evaluations and certificate provision. Basically, the system can do things we would never have thought to ask for so we get a tremendous amount of flexibility in customizing the experience. The potential challenge, of course, is determining how you want to use all these features. I'd rather have the choices and have to make them than be restricted in my ability to customize the experience for learners.

Second, as we learned, and continue to learn how to use the system, the team at CE21 has been responsive and helpful. In addition, the company continues to roll out online education and orientation products that allow us, on our own, to quickly learn key components of the system. Be aware though, that the very in-depth sophistication and flexibility of the system make it more challenging to decide what to do. We started simply and gradually, over time, began to experiment with the more sophisticated aspects of the platform. Great way to learn and to gradually improve the learner experience.

Third, monetization and monitoring are excellent. For example, we used a list of our most engaged learners as a based for a specific marketing campaign. Reports are easy to select, view and customize. In particular, tracking of cash flow by product, in total, etc. make budgeting and planning easier.

We originally worked with CE21 because their system integrated with face-to-face events and the comprehensive nature of their system ensured we would have room to grow our services as our own content and education efforts expanded.

Very happy with our choice.