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A good choice for the price

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Setup: Learndash is relatively quick and straightforward to set up, however, I experienced one issue that has been raised numerous times in forums without, it appears, being definitively fixed at source (at the time of writing). Specifically, lesson order randomly jumps around even after saving and hours of work can be lost re-ordering the lesson programmes only to have them jumble up again (it is incorrect on back and frontend so a potential nightmare for the student experience). To give customer support credit they did send a couple of lines of script to add to the code which seems to have fixed it but I'm still bemused as to why this hasn't been permanently fixed. That said, my install does seem to be okay after the fix.

Integration: Learndash integrates really well with Wordpress, Elementor pro and WooCommerce.

Price: Price-wise it is significantly less expensive than other LMS platforms and you get very good value for money, particularly if you are not at the level that would justify a dedicated platform outside the Wordpress environment.

Features: LD has a lot of features and flexibility and the course design interface in conjunction with Elementor pro gives an attractive frontend. The assignment submission interface is good although I haven't found a way to view all assignments from a particular student (as far as I can see, each upload has to be opened and viewed/downloaded separately which is slow going with lots of uploaded documents from even quite a small cohort of students).

Student experience: Seems positive so far!

Support: The Learndash LMS Tips and Tricks fb group is very helpful and customer support responded quickly to my ticket.

Were it not for the lesson-randomiser issue I would have given this a solid 4, close on a 5 given the value for money but I nearly had a meltdown when the lessons scrambled and I'm still nervous whenever I go back into the lesson builder just in case....