Great Experience with Blue Sky and Their Path LMS Product

Customer Service
Admin Experience
Reporting and Analytics
End User Experience
Learner & Learning Mgmt
Job role: 
Total active learners in your LMS: 
5,000 to 9,999
Third party accreditations: 
Not accredited
Annual revenue in US Dollars: 
$25,000,001 to $50,000,000
Importance of revenue generation: 
Years reviewer has used this LMS: 
1-2 years
Organization type: 
Professional association or society
Primary use(s) of LMS: 
Continuing education or professional development
Learning approaches pursued: 
Social learning (e.g., through the use of virtual communities)
Live Online Events (Webinars or Hybrid Events)
Self-Paced Learning

We contracted with Blue Sky over a year ago and I only have good things to say about their performance and support for our initiatives.

We implemented eCommerce and data integration with our AMS so we can write back course completion data from the Path platform for fee based LMS courses. The overall onboarding/implementation process has been smooth and the Blue Sky team has been very proactive and responsive to our needs.  The initial onboarding process was delayed a bit due to an urgent need we had to deliver free content from a physical event that was cancelled to the early learning/education communityin lieu of a virtual alternative.  Again, Blue Sky stepped up to the plate and got us up-and-running with hosting our virtual event content in just a few weeks to ensure we were able to rollout in time with the commitment the organization had made and had publicized to the early learning community.  As part of that initial implementation we were able to get SSO integration in place with our AMS system (Netforum from Community Brands) as well.  That SSO integration worked well.

Their platform basically supported a surge of usage for this virtual event content.  During the six weeks the event was available, we served content to over 28,000 users who participated, with more than 235,000 certificates of completion issued.  Needless to say this was a very high profile event with a huge risk of failure due to the speed in which we needed to complete the basic setup, content creation and SSO integration using a brand new system!  But, everything came together well.  And, the success was in no small part due to the Blue Sky implementation account management and project team’s recognition of the criticality of this activity for our organization and their ability to swing into motion to quickly support our needs.  As info, we produced (recorded) our own content so we didn’t use Blue Sky for those production services.  But, we were dependent on Blue Sky for the delivery of the content.  Their team also proactively advised us of any technical issues or concerns users may have raised with them so we were aware and could help troubleshoot things from our side, when needed.  There were only a handful of issues but I appreciated their ongoing communication after launch.

We haven’t found a need to customize any functionality since the “out of the box” capabilities were robust enough to fit our needs.

Without hesitation I can say that my experience with Blue Sky has been outstanding.  They seem small enough to understand our needs and treat us as a priority but large enough to fully support our rather aggressive needs.  I recommend them as a great partner.