Great Service!

Customer Service
Admin Experience
Reporting and Analytics
End User Experience
Learner & Learning Mgmt
Job role: 
Total active learners in your LMS: 
499 or fewer
Third party accreditations: 
Not accredited
Annual revenue in US Dollars: 
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000
Importance of revenue generation: 
Not important
Years reviewer has used this LMS: 
5 or more years
Organization type: 
Trade association
Primary use(s) of LMS: 
Education or training of our customers (extended enterprise)
Learning approaches pursued: 
Live Online Events (Webinars or Hybrid Events)

The customer service I received from Trevor, Anjuli and William has been outstanding.  They have been responsive in a timely manner and always helpful.

My only complaints would be that the interface in Freestone for setting up webinars is not very intuitive.

I also have issues with the reports after the webinars.  For example, I would like to be able to pull one list that includes who registered, who attended from the registration link and the Viewer link, as we sometimes send this link to non-members and their company name, with it differetiated as to which link the attended from.   I am required to provide reporting to upper management and for our Board Reports, and this can take quite a bit of time.  


Learning Management System Response

Thank you for the kind words about the customer service team and the additional product feedback! We look forward to maintaining this standard of service and continuing to make updates to the platform to make it more intuitive.

If there is any additional training or documentation that may be helpful as it relates to webinar setup, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Account Director. The report feedback will be passed along to the Product team for consideration. As a reminder, product suggestions can be submitted through the feature request tool located in the Help Center.

Thank you again for the valuable feedback!