I would recommend Freestone

Customer Service
Admin Experience
Reporting and Analytics
End User Experience
Learner & Learning Mgmt
Job role: 
Total active learners in your LMS: 
500 to 2,499
Third party accreditations: 
Annual revenue in US Dollars: 
More than $100,000,000
Importance of revenue generation: 
Years reviewer has used this LMS: 
Less than 1 year
Organization type: 
Mid-size to large business (500 or more employees)
Primary use(s) of LMS: 
Continuing education or professional development
Learning approaches pursued: 
Mobile learning
Self-Paced Learning

I have been using Freestone for just under a year at the time of this review and I believe it is a very user-friendly LMS.  The customer service provided is incredible--I can email my account manager at any time and have a response within an hour, with an actual answer.  Freestone is very transparent about issues it may experience (which I have not run into with the features I utilize) and I believe works very hard to not only offer the same features as other systems, but also working on current trends and how to keep up with the changing tech industry.  

Having worked with previous systems, I give an excellent rating of Freestone because they simply deserve it.   There have been a few very specific course needs that my company had requested and my account manager worked with me to make sure we could set up the courses to our needs.  There is just no shortage of great customer service and the overall product works very well.  Overall, our learners are happy and have not reported any issues, and the software itself is easy to use, very intuitive, and Freestone is constantly thinking of new ideas to help their customers and create new features.

Learning Management System Response

Thank you very much for the kind words about the team and platform! We strive to innovate based on industry trends and client feedback and we are so happy to hear we are hitting the mark. We look forward to maintaing this high level of service and support accompanied with an evolving product to meet the needs of your organization and learners! Thank you again!