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Proceed With Caution

Customer Service
Admin Experience
Reporting and Analytics
End User Experience
Learner & Learning Mgmt
Job role: 
Coordinator or administrator
Total active learners in your LMS: 
10,000 to 24,999
Third party accreditations: 
Annual revenue in US Dollars: 
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000
Importance of revenue generation: 
Years reviewer has used this LMS: 
1-2 years
Organization type: 
Academic institution
Primary use(s) of LMS: 
Education or training for higher-education students
Continuing education or professional development
Education or training of our customers (extended enterprise)
Learning approaches pursued: 
Mobile learning
Self-Paced Learning

Analytics/Reports: We have found that Google Analytics are more useful in generating most reports. That's not saying the built in reports here are not useful, (and we still try to utilize reporting within the system when possible) but there is still much to be desired.

Admin experience: This is an OK experience. It would be nice to be able perform as many functions as possible in as few steps as possible when creating Products. Seaching within the admin menus is not helpful in some instances. Previewing products in Admin mode is not the same experience as an actual user. The product tagging system definitely needs improvement. 

Customer Service: I have no complaints with customer service. They are always friendly and respectful. You can usually expect an initial response within half a business day.

User Experience: Overall user experience is not bad. But, if you find aspects of the LMS that are bad for user experience be prepared to have those tickets open for 30+ days with no timeline for a fix.

Overall: This LMS is great for someone with basic, out of the box needs. If you have higher demands for your LMS be sure to have every minor detail locked down prior to making the decision. The developers here are extermely capable, but it seems to be a very small group taking on a large queue of work.

***My Original Post was in mid-2018. UPDATE 1/3/2019***
I need to address this company's lack of customer service and overall disappointing performance as a whole. 
Support tickets are still taking way too long. We even had a meeting with the VP and several of their Project Manger's addressing this, they promised it would get better, and it still sucks. Crucial time sensitive tickets are laying in the waste. I find myself being very short with the support staff and I don't like being that person that gets angry over work, but it's so frustrating working with these guys 90% of the time. It's like they receive a ticket, put it in a box, and there it sits. Just no regard for the customers needs.

User experience is also another issue. Anytime there is an update to our site they just push it live without giving us any type of communication. New update, BAM! It's live.

Overall just such a terrible group to work with. They only care about your tickets if it is a site enhancement that they can charge you for. And once they've tested the new enhancement and push it live, boom, it breaks your LMS. To the point to where you have to delay products from going live. I can't reiterate how terrible this group is when it comes to fixing crucial elements of your LMS. Just aweful and very dismissive when you point out platform issues. They blame you or accuse you of doing something to pass the buck.