Partial view of 7-step LMS selection process infographic

How do you select a learning management system? Exactly how you examine an alligator's teeth—very carefully. (That was one of my favorite jokes as a kid; some things stick with you.)

Joking aside, that care manifests itself in 7 steps, and we have an infographic to help you keep them in mind.

The 7-Step Process for Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS)

Jeff (my co-founder at Tagoras) and I together have more than 40 years experience in the world of education and technology, and the majority of that time has been spent working in the association world. We’ve designed, built, sold, and implemented learning management systems. And, we've specialized in systems that are meant for marketing and selling education.

We’ve been involved in a great many LMS selection processes. As a result, we've developed a 7-step LMS selection process we've used whenever working with clients to select a learning management system.

And now we have an infographic of the 7 steps that can serve as a crib sheet if you're going through the LMS selction process. A 2.5-MB PDF suitable for framing (well, printing, at least), the infographic provides the 7 steps and a synopsis of each.

More LMS Selection Resources

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